söndag 13 maj 2012

Tony's message for UPW in London 18-21 May

Still great seating is VIP section that I can offer for 1295 EUR paid as 11600 SEK through Paypal. (Current organizers price is 1,795 GBP for these!) Or General Admission - behind Gold - for 725 Euro, paid as 6475 SEK (really cheap, further back in the room but still a great Tony Robbins experience.).

måndag 30 april 2012

18-21 May in London. Three weeks to go...

...to the transformational life mastery event 'Unleash the Power Within' - UPW - with Anthony 'Tony' Robbins.

Discounting last ticket for Ruby section (row approx. 11-12) to 820 Euro! To compare with 695 Euro for the seats in the back of the room now for sale for Gold section. The closeness to Tony's energy is worth every penny in this kind of event.

All paid through paypal in SEK: 825 Euro converts to 7300 SEK for Ruby and 695 Euro converts to 6200 SEK for Gold. Discounts if bank transfer is used.

onsdag 25 april 2012

Ruby 895 Euro and some last Gold for 675 Euro

Amazing prices still and now some Gold are available fro 675 Euro. All paid through paypal in SEK: 895 Euro converts to 7995 SEK for Ruby and 675 Euro converts to 6150 SEK for Gold. Discounts if bank transfer is used.

tisdag 24 april 2012

Last Ruby - amazing seating for 895 Euro!

A reminder of the floor plan:
Almost half the price of the seats behind(!): 895 Euro! (Paid as 7995 SEK through Paypal with 100% safety.)

Deside today to avoid disappointments.

måndag 23 april 2012

Last Ruby 7995 SEK / 895 Euro

UPW London 18-21 May 2012
Ticket update:
Ticket are selling quickly in all sections. Gold, Diamond and soon Ruby is now sold out.

General (non spec) £595 / 725 € / 6500 SEK
Gold (row 23- ) SOLD OUT
VIP (row 13-22) £1295 / 1575 € / 13950 SEK
Ruby (row 11-12) soon SOLD OUT
Diamond (row 4-10) SOLD OUT
Platinum (row 1-3) £2695 / 3275 € / 29000 SEK

Last chance for great seating to great price.

Last Ruby for row 11-12 for 7995 SEK ie appr 895 Euro. All Paypal payments in SEK. (Discount at bank transfer instead of Paypal

Let us know of your interest asap to avoid disappointments.

Soon time for the mighty Unleash the Power Within!

måndag 16 april 2012

Gratis föredragskväll med Robbins sidekick Pa Joof 24 April i Stockholm och i Finland 25 April

Härlig inspirerande uppvärmning till UPW redan 24 April - 2,5 timmar och dessutom gratis!

Spana in en hälsning från Pa om eventet här:

och anmälan för gratis entre här: http://www.amiando.com/GSHAAHC

I Stockholm och Maximteatern på Karlaplan 4, kl 18:00-20:30. Helt gratis.

Sen brakar ju det riktiga UPW med Tony Robbins loss 18 Maj i London, och fortfarande finns fantastiska biljetter till Ruby-sektionen, rad 11-12! Hör av er via mejl för bokning av de sista. Och fortfarande finns billiga flyg från från Sverige.

Önskar en vår full av transformation!

tisdag 10 april 2012

Step into the uncertain

Some word from Anthony Robbins our man:

You can't be happy unless you step into the unknown.

The most important thing for the rest of your life is that the quality of your life is in direct proportion to the uncertainty you can comfortably live with. If you have to be certain all the time you have to keep doing things that you can control, that you already can. To live in control will only leave you unfullfilled.

It is in the realm of the uncertainty where the passion is found. When you step into the uncertainty, that's when you grow, that's when you are alive.

UPW in London in a little over a month!