onsdag 7 oktober 2009

Midsummer of transformation - UPW 2010 in Rome

This is a very early midsummer greeting. It is with the great news that "Unleash the Power Within" will happen in Rome 24-27 June 2010. This is the midsummer weekend and this will bring the supporting energies of summer solstice and for us in Sweden Thursday or at least Friday is a day off at work! Everything lined up for a new way of spending the midsummer.

Since I went to UPW last week I can tell all about it, from hotels and travelling to Rome and to/from the event hall, to how to get the best mozzarella panini while you're there.

One thing I did learn was the seating arrangement, and I must say that the section Premium is the one to go for. Early and in time you will each morning pick a seat just after the reserved Royal section in front. You can then look at a seating at maybe row 10-13 (Premium in all is 10-20) and this is just brilliant. And since I want you to have this I will make an early bird offer on these for €1080 (11490 SEK). Yes you heard right. Same price as the organizer sold back of the room tickets for to the UPW last week!

Get in touch and get these wonderful seats. And you might as well book your flight now since return ticket (tur och retur!) is less than €100/1000 SEK for the moment!

Living in Stockholm, Sweden. I would be happy to tell you all over a coffee. To make the best preparation or for you wanting to keep the momentum up, come to my yoga classes: www.jannespetz.se

All the best

Janne Spetz

tisdag 6 oktober 2009

After UPW Rome


And for those who went to UPW a week ago, how is your new life forming? Tonys' twitter post from after the event was:

"Just finished ROME UPW! Wow 1 of my favorites ever!
Pure energy, the'mosh pit' & joy of living.
6.500 lives changed didn't finish till 2 am

Stay tuned, soon news on how to experience this if you missed it!