söndag 22 januari 2012

Best deal UPW London May 2012

Friends of passion and fans of Tony Robbins!

At last we are able to offer the optimal deal for Unleash the Power Within this spring.

In short: Ruby section tickets for launch offer price 950 Euro (appr. 790 GBP / 8300 SEK).

What is so great about this? Actually this we think is the best UPW offer ever.
- Firstly, back to more efficient organization in England the price in general is lower and especially 950 Euro for this kind of seat is just brilliant.

- Secondly, the section Ruby is a very special and excellent section. See first this floor plan:

Here Ruby starts at row 11. That is you will see Tony perfectly just 25 meters or so in front of you and no watching the video screen (that you have to do further back in the room).
And since Ruby is just 2 rows you don't have to arrive early in the morning to queue for a good seat "within" your section. As usual you will only get a ticket for your section and a 2 rows section is just ideal, just arrive 20 min before the program starts - usually we suggest being there 2 hours prior to start! (For the large sections the difference can be 80-90 metres difference epending how early you queue up.)

Call or email if you need clarification on this perfect offer.

We are only allowed to offer this for a short period of time. As usual prices rise closer to the event for remaining sections.

Pay via bank transfer or Paypal.

Get ready for change!

at TimeForTony

PS Ruby price elsewhere is as you can google from 1300 Euro each.