fredag 24 februari 2012

Last perfect seats - take the small step that enables you to take a huge step

Everyone who consider going to UPW in London should also consider the seating versus the ticket price. At UPW there is a ‘Ruby’ section, this is not that much talked about basically since it has a very small number of seats and because this was sold out very early. TimeforTony has a few tickets for sale to this in many senses perfect section for UPW in London in May.

Why so perfect? For those extra euros compared to in the back in room you can leave your binoculars at home. Nor you will be watching the videos screen next to the stage (because you are so far away from the stage) - you will be able to take in Tony directly from 25 metres away! And you will be assigned to a very small section meaning no elbowing to find a good seat every morning.

We had a - very appropriate - question how the Ruby section price can be lower than for the section behind, especially if this behind section is much larger. Well, we at TimeforTony want to distribute the tickets we would like to buy ourselves. From our experience we know the ideal seating etc, and we primarily make sure to offer these to a price that we would like to buy them for ourselves. The sections further back we think takes some of the edge away from the UPW experience and we just offer them to normal pricing – that happens to be higher…

Another question/concern we had was from a person that had friends with tickets in sections further back and wants to “sit amongst them” for company. The answer is simple: you should not sit with your friends anyhow, this a transforming process with lots of pairing up exercises and these are better done with a stranger (that you usually become friends with), even if you are going with your spouse or best friend. You can then be more open for the process. Also you will see your friends plenty in the breaks and at meals.

Time for Action!


onsdag 22 februari 2012

UPW - the next chapter - fire walk!

And as you might know UPW involves fire walking. A truely life changing experience. Oprah join an UPW in the US and here is her fire walk.

Let Tony show you to your real potential!

More videos from the Oprah special here