söndag 30 augusti 2009

Tony Robbins 1989


Tony found an old tape from 1989 called '5 Keys to Wealth & Happiness'. It's interesting and reminds me in my own marketing of my yoga classes that what's important is to change people's lives and give them the emotional experience that people really want.

It's a sunny sunday in Stockholm :-)


fredag 28 augusti 2009

PS Background story

An additional video here with John from the previous video talking with Tony. It not that much Tony but more a testimonial thing - but as your Robbins videos provider, here it is! All the best /Janne

PS Åsa reminded me (thanks) about a video that John did: Reboot your brain.

tisdag 25 augusti 2009

UPW in one month today

Hi, one month to go today before we are all standing, jumping and celebrating at the first day of Unleach the Power Within in Rome. 25-28 of September that is. To start this countdown I want to give you a special €100 off Deluxe seat tickets - they have never been this cheap! So only for 24 hours.

Here is a new interesting clip with Tony were he talks about the reinforcing cirle, either upward or downward, through the steps:
- Belief of potential, in other words the certainty that my action will give great result ->
-> What and how much action you take ->
-> Action determines the result ->
-> and closing the circle when the result reinforces the belief and self esteem to ->
-> and we're back to were we started.

part 1

part 2

Daily practice and daily routines are keys to turn this circle the way you want it. See for instance 'The hour of power' in Tony's programs. This involves both mental and physical training. One great way of balansing both is yoga, check out www.jannespetz.se for classes in Stockholm.

Have a great month preparing for change! Vi ses


tisdag 4 augusti 2009

Tony's personal invitation to Rome

Passion beings!
Walking on a glowing fire! Up to 15 hours of seminar in one day! Frightening or inspiring? Same old life or new start? The choice is yours. Let Tony Robbins himself tell you how:

Exclusive tickets available from yours truely. Hope to hear from you soon.

Janne Spetz

m: +46 707 64 45 30
upw09@home.se or jannespetz@gmail.com
skype: janne_dual
facebook: Janne Spetz

lördag 1 augusti 2009

UPW tickets, videos and the mirror neuron

Less than two months to go now before Unleash the Power within in Rome and there are still great tickets to great prices! The energies get stronger the closer to the stage you sit of course. And it is important to be able to clearly see Tony live in person instead of just watching the video screen - his actually makes all the difference in the world. Why? - this has all been scientifically proved in the discovery of the 'mirror neuron': when you see someone else act/be/talk etc the same neurons (circuits in the brain) will fire on the viewer as on the person who actually acts! This means that the closer you get to your role models, the more you will have the same signals paths in your body - and the big point is that the more you use your desired neuron paths the more established these will get. Also they will be preferred in the future!

Tricky - or just wonderful? My recommendation is therefore to get at seat at Deluxe section, if you're early this means you can get a seat around row 20 and that is perfect to take in Anthony Robbins in the most optimal way. The price on the last tickets is a bargain compared to the remaining section in the back of the room (Executive, row 41-50) and is worth every penny. Naturally you will get a confirmation before and after the purchase of the ticket's authenticity from the Tony Robbins organisation. Mail us at jannespetz@gmail.com or call +46 707 64 45 30.

Highlights from the video collection:
Archetype process at 'defining moments'.
Heart intelligence meditation :-)
On the difference between 'trying' and 'doing' - favourite!
Tony and Sage on water and our water environment.
Four videos on relationships - every day is Valentine's day: 1, 2, and the last two.

See you in Rome :-)

Janne Spetz
Stockholm, Sweden
skype: janne_dual