tisdag 29 september 2009

UPW '09

Passion beings!

A video from Day 3 at UPW!

If you have any videos from the event or have seen links from it, mail them or a link to me or post them in the comment field and make this a place were we can keep up the momentum from UPW.

Now 'we' are the voice!


onsdag 23 september 2009

Tickets still

I will be available on sms/text to my mobile from Thursday morning since I will be in Rome =) I will be at:
+ 46 707 64 45 30

So still very possible to get Deluxe tickets for €1080!


måndag 21 september 2009

Last one Deluxe €1080

Tuesday today and in days we will be in the middle of first day of UPW, pretty exciting!

No ticket? No problem! Last chance on Deluxe section. Since there is only one ticket left now I am allowed to keep this up for sale during some more days.

One ticket only for €1080 in Deluxe section - row 21-30.

Still flights (also Sweden-Rome) and B&Bs in Rome to really good pricing I heard from a person booking the other day.

Executive at row 41-50 still available for €1080.

Join to Rome!


UPW preparation

Joseph last night gave a preparation call for UPW. He gave a few tips what to think of when coming there:
- Be ready to have some fun
- Be serious and willing to changing you life
- Be teachable
- Be willing to do the work

And before going really look at yourself and write down the answer to these questions:
- Who am I now?
- Who do you wish to become
- What am I going there to get

That's a good start to get the steam up for Friday. Reviewing the telephone meeting my opinion about Joseph is that he gets a little bit too little said in the time he gets. Of course he is in a good mood and that is inspiring and he speaks fast but there is very little substance in most of it. I am not sure why Robbins pick him as his #1 sidekick.

It will be so great to get to Rome in a few days and get going with UPW. I have started warming up with the Ultimate realtionship program.

See you down there!


fredag 11 september 2009

Last call for UPW!! Deluxes €1080

To make a last minute offer I can also pass over to you a reservation at www.ostiaanticaparkhotel.it That is one of the hotels recommended at the official Medwestern UPW-site. It's a double/twin room for the €120 for 2 persons per night incl breakfast buffée (not just continental toast and instant coffee). The UPW event has also arranged with shuttle but to and from (for some extra cost).

So tickets and hotels are just as good as can be, no need - or time - to hesitate! Get in touch asap!

The organizer, an american-italian co-labouration, will early next week sum up all un-registered tickets and the italian part of the organization will distribute these. They will aim for last-minute business people and the prices will go up, in particular for the extremely now limited middle-room tickets. At best Executive in far end of the room will sell for €1100.

So last days to decide and last days to get Deluxe tickets, row 21-30, for €1080 - just for a few more days. And of course the middle of the room have so much better energies than sitting in the back watching the video screens.

Please check around this deal just cannot be beaten - for the maybe last UPW in Europe!

See you in Rome!

Resources vs Resourcefulness

To not forget is that Time, Energy, Money, Background, Education, Others/Network is good to have for success, but that is only 'Resources'.

What I have experienced personally in role models around and what also Jarek and Tony Robbins points out more structured is that 'Resourcefulness' is a much more important feature.

In Resourcefulness we find:

What comes to mind when you think about characteristics in someone you admire or keep as a role model, Resources or Resourcefulness?

Unleash the Power Within in Rome in only two weeks is definately the way to reach through to the potential you want. Brilliant tickets in Deluxe still available for bargain €1080. This is actually the only opportunity to see Tony Robbins in Europe over 2009-10, no new events are booked. Otherwise it's 2011 - but that's a long time away - and who knows what Tony focuses on then.

See you in Rome


tisdag 8 september 2009

Master the power to Change State at UPW

Jarek did also talk about the importance of changing focus and physiology to produce the state change that is necessary for all change of behaviour and action, and pointed out that the best way to master this is the 4-days UPW with Tony Robbins himself.

There are still, although very few, tickets for Deluxe section - row 21-30 - for €1080. Deluxe has never been cheaper than this - actually no ticket has ever been cheaper than this and this is the price now for Executive section (row 41-50) at other sellers. Deluxe is sold out except for these few tickets, but did sell for 40-60% more than this price!

See you in Rome passion beings


Jarek Robbins - standing on the shoulders of a giant?

Yesterday I went to a seminar with Jarek Robbins. He is 25 years of age and Tony Robbins' son and he gave us an wonderful seminar. He mixed his own material with stuff from Robbins Sr and others. And to answer the question above: he did really good on his own!

He's favourite quote and tools from Tony is:

'The ONLY reason you don't have exactly what you want
is the story you keep telling yourself
about why you can't have it
or don't have it already.'

I while back I published some Tony Robbins videos dealing with stories and narrations. View them here.

Stories can be of many kinds, three of them are:
  • permanent - 'things just are this way and will be forever'. Solutions suggestion is the fact that that everything goes in cycles, usually around 7 years, good things and bad things will always change. At good times don't forget to save and invest (don't be greedy).
  • pervasive - with the naive realism that the person believes that everyone views the world exactly as they do. To challenge: see your problem through the eyes of a blind person. You need insight rather than sight!
  • personal - start thinking whether you live in reaction to things or in in action, and how you want to have it in your future.

Live with passion everyone!


Jarek gave a few book recommendations - links lead to swedish bookstore for more information:

Happiness Hypothesis - Putting Ancient Wisdom to the Test of Modern Science by Jonathan Haidt about Zappo's online shoe store amongst other things.

The Fourth Turning - An American Prophecy by William Strauss

The Age of Spiritual Machines - When Computer Exceed Human Intelligence by Ray Kurzweil

Stephen Hawkin's books e.g. the popular:
Kosmos - en kortkort historik (swedish)
Brief History Of Time (english)

And one of Tony Robbins favourite and often mentioned books by concentration camp survivor Viktor E Frankl:
Man's Search for Meaning (english)
Livet måste ha mening : erfarenheter från koncentrationslägren; logoterapins grundbegrepp (swedish)

torsdag 3 september 2009

September special - deluxe tickets €1080

Hi, I've just been on the phone with Medwestern summing up the ticket sales for UPW - that starts in less than three weeks. For all you people still not sure whether to go or not I have the excellent news that all remaining tickets for UPW is €1080 each. That means that the few brilliant tickets in the middle of room in Deluxe section and the ticket in Executive in the back all are €1080. A small reduction for Executive but a never before seen deal on the Deluxe. That means great seating on row 20-30, these are tickets that have sold for 50% more - don't tell you the person sitting next to you at the event.

Get in touch to check availabiblity, just a last few left.

Get ready for a life transforming event!


00 46 707 64 45 30
facebook: Janne Spetz

onsdag 2 september 2009

New money makers

Hi again, planned to make a forum for development material so this might not qualify - but this new video shows what Tony are up to now-a-days. It's about the new New money makers program (www.moneymastersseries.com). Take care /Janne