söndag 13 maj 2012

Tony's message for UPW in London 18-21 May

Still great seating is VIP section that I can offer for 1295 EUR paid as 11600 SEK through Paypal. (Current organizers price is 1,795 GBP for these!) Or General Admission - behind Gold - for 725 Euro, paid as 6475 SEK (really cheap, further back in the room but still a great Tony Robbins experience.).

måndag 30 april 2012

18-21 May in London. Three weeks to go...

...to the transformational life mastery event 'Unleash the Power Within' - UPW - with Anthony 'Tony' Robbins.

Discounting last ticket for Ruby section (row approx. 11-12) to 820 Euro! To compare with 695 Euro for the seats in the back of the room now for sale for Gold section. The closeness to Tony's energy is worth every penny in this kind of event.

All paid through paypal in SEK: 825 Euro converts to 7300 SEK for Ruby and 695 Euro converts to 6200 SEK for Gold. Discounts if bank transfer is used.

onsdag 25 april 2012

Ruby 895 Euro and some last Gold for 675 Euro

Amazing prices still and now some Gold are available fro 675 Euro. All paid through paypal in SEK: 895 Euro converts to 7995 SEK for Ruby and 675 Euro converts to 6150 SEK for Gold. Discounts if bank transfer is used.

tisdag 24 april 2012

Last Ruby - amazing seating for 895 Euro!

A reminder of the floor plan:
Almost half the price of the seats behind(!): 895 Euro! (Paid as 7995 SEK through Paypal with 100% safety.)

Deside today to avoid disappointments.

måndag 23 april 2012

Last Ruby 7995 SEK / 895 Euro

UPW London 18-21 May 2012
Ticket update:
Ticket are selling quickly in all sections. Gold, Diamond and soon Ruby is now sold out.

General (non spec) £595 / 725 € / 6500 SEK
Gold (row 23- ) SOLD OUT
VIP (row 13-22) £1295 / 1575 € / 13950 SEK
Ruby (row 11-12) soon SOLD OUT
Diamond (row 4-10) SOLD OUT
Platinum (row 1-3) £2695 / 3275 € / 29000 SEK

Last chance for great seating to great price.

Last Ruby for row 11-12 for 7995 SEK ie appr 895 Euro. All Paypal payments in SEK. (Discount at bank transfer instead of Paypal

Let us know of your interest asap to avoid disappointments.

Soon time for the mighty Unleash the Power Within!

måndag 16 april 2012

Gratis föredragskväll med Robbins sidekick Pa Joof 24 April i Stockholm och i Finland 25 April

Härlig inspirerande uppvärmning till UPW redan 24 April - 2,5 timmar och dessutom gratis!

Spana in en hälsning från Pa om eventet här:

och anmälan för gratis entre här: http://www.amiando.com/GSHAAHC

I Stockholm och Maximteatern på Karlaplan 4, kl 18:00-20:30. Helt gratis.

Sen brakar ju det riktiga UPW med Tony Robbins loss 18 Maj i London, och fortfarande finns fantastiska biljetter till Ruby-sektionen, rad 11-12! Hör av er via mejl för bokning av de sista. Och fortfarande finns billiga flyg från från Sverige.

Önskar en vår full av transformation!

tisdag 10 april 2012

Step into the uncertain

Some word from Anthony Robbins our man:

You can't be happy unless you step into the unknown.

The most important thing for the rest of your life is that the quality of your life is in direct proportion to the uncertainty you can comfortably live with. If you have to be certain all the time you have to keep doing things that you can control, that you already can. To live in control will only leave you unfullfilled.

It is in the realm of the uncertainty where the passion is found. When you step into the uncertainty, that's when you grow, that's when you are alive.

UPW in London in a little over a month!


torsdag 5 april 2012

Last Ruby tickets for row 11-12 now as low as 895 Euro

Ticket update: some returns and some sales leave a remaining of three tickets for Ruby section. Why make the hassle of going if not having proper seats? Ruby means Row 10.
Price 895 Euro at paypal payment or 875 Euro at bank transfer.

It's Time for Tony in 6 weeks!

lördag 31 mars 2012

Is Tony doing UPW in Europe again next year?

Well, up to a few years ago Tony planned the European UPW a few years ahead. Meaning that we would know that he was coming back and we and our customers could do more long time planning. Now, and same thing last year, the upcoming UPW was the only one planned and he would decide after that UPW event that he would do it for another round.

Tony is getting older and he has problems with his voice and back and we have full respect for that he limits his engagement. And for sure we know that in a few years time he will not do as many UPWs as today. So all we can say is that we don’t know if he is coming back for another UPW next year.

Still a pair of tickets in the special Ruby section left, act not to avoid disappointments. Tickets are available in all other sections.

TimeforTony has many years of experience with Tony Robbins and UPW tickets. All tickets at TimeforTony are 100% authorized and official. Through the years we have developed the purchase to be 100% safe through Paypal or bank transfer. Translation service is available. Preparation call with one of Tony Robbins’ coaches is available for free also before you buy the tickets.

onsdag 28 mars 2012

The two kinds of feedback to TimeforTony

UPW and coming closer and there is a different vibe around it now. It is somehow more real, we are counting weeks instead of months. The excitement is increasing by the day.

After an event such as UPW we usually get two kinds of comments from the people we’ve been in touch with beforehand. The ones who got our limited ‘Great seat to a great price’ come back to thank us for really making the UPW experience the best for them through seats close to the stage. They thank us for (quote) caring (end quote) and making sure they got the great ticket – even though some say we could have talked them into something further back or to higher price, since they know nothing of the size, prize and energy of the event.

The other comment is from people gotten their ticket elsewhere, maybe to save hundred euro or so or to sit where their friends are sitting, and ended up in the back of the hall. They say: why couldn’t you be more persuasive, why are you so… humble…? of course knowing afterwards that their seating wasn’t that good after all, and having made the sometimes long journey and travel investments to get there.
Well that sums us up pretty. We are distributing tickets as if it was to our friends. We are modest, we keep fair prices. We are fair in informing about UPW. The feedback we get from you dear customers is a drive for us making this year after year.

We are down to the very last few of the limited Ruby section. We still of course gladly sell you tickets to the other sections.

Still final Rubys for 895 Euro...

måndag 19 mars 2012

Final four discount! Rubys for 895 Euro!!

Spring is on its way and also the mighty UPW in London in May. We are coming closer to selling out our splendid tickets for the Ruby section covering row 11 to 12. Only 4 tickets left and we have decided to give these away with a 20% discount. This leaving them on unbeatable 895 Euro. And Yes! this is less than the price for the Gold section covering the size of a football pitch in the back of the room.

Say Yes to optimal transformation before it's too late!

at TimeforTony

Contact us at jannespetz@gmail.com
All purchases are 100% safe through Paypal

torsdag 1 mars 2012

UPW 18-21 May in London - day program

This is what the weekend will look like:

Friday 18 May - Step 1: Turn Fear Into Power
The Firewalk Experience

On Day 1, you will learn how to annihilate your fears. You'll have the opportunity to walk across a bed of hot coals between 700 and 1100 degrees Celcius, and in doing so, you'll understand that there is absolutely nothing you cannot overcome.

Saturday 19 May - Step 2: Turn Dreams Into Reality
The Power of Success Conditioning

Day 2 will give you the clarity and power you need to accomplish whatever you set out to do. Gain insight into what really matters to you and set new goals that will enrich your life at the deepest level. Then, develop innovative skills and techniques that will help you stay on track while garnering exponential results in both wealth and personal relations.

Sunday 20 May - Step 3: Break Through To Your New Life
Transformation Day

Day 3 is designed to integrate your key decisions and to ensure that you move forward with so much strength and verve that you never look back. Learn how to model others to master absolutely anything and to trigger global changes in all areas of your life.

Monday 21 May - Step 4: The Power of Pure Energy
12 Master Principles of a Vital Life

Finally, Day 4 is about stepping into a fresh new life with vitality and inexorable energy. By learning how to care for your body—life's most precious gift—you enable yourself to prosper and live life to the absolute fullest.

Get in touch soon for the last of the Ruby seats!


fredag 24 februari 2012

Last perfect seats - take the small step that enables you to take a huge step

Everyone who consider going to UPW in London should also consider the seating versus the ticket price. At UPW there is a ‘Ruby’ section, this is not that much talked about basically since it has a very small number of seats and because this was sold out very early. TimeforTony has a few tickets for sale to this in many senses perfect section for UPW in London in May.

Why so perfect? For those extra euros compared to in the back in room you can leave your binoculars at home. Nor you will be watching the videos screen next to the stage (because you are so far away from the stage) - you will be able to take in Tony directly from 25 metres away! And you will be assigned to a very small section meaning no elbowing to find a good seat every morning.

We had a - very appropriate - question how the Ruby section price can be lower than for the section behind, especially if this behind section is much larger. Well, we at TimeforTony want to distribute the tickets we would like to buy ourselves. From our experience we know the ideal seating etc, and we primarily make sure to offer these to a price that we would like to buy them for ourselves. The sections further back we think takes some of the edge away from the UPW experience and we just offer them to normal pricing – that happens to be higher…

Another question/concern we had was from a person that had friends with tickets in sections further back and wants to “sit amongst them” for company. The answer is simple: you should not sit with your friends anyhow, this a transforming process with lots of pairing up exercises and these are better done with a stranger (that you usually become friends with), even if you are going with your spouse or best friend. You can then be more open for the process. Also you will see your friends plenty in the breaks and at meals.

Time for Action!


onsdag 22 februari 2012

UPW - the next chapter - fire walk!

And as you might know UPW involves fire walking. A truely life changing experience. Oprah join an UPW in the US and here is her fire walk.

Let Tony show you to your real potential!

More videos from the Oprah special here


söndag 22 januari 2012

Best deal UPW London May 2012

Friends of passion and fans of Tony Robbins!

At last we are able to offer the optimal deal for Unleash the Power Within this spring.

In short: Ruby section tickets for launch offer price 950 Euro (appr. 790 GBP / 8300 SEK).

What is so great about this? Actually this we think is the best UPW offer ever.
- Firstly, back to more efficient organization in England the price in general is lower and especially 950 Euro for this kind of seat is just brilliant.

- Secondly, the section Ruby is a very special and excellent section. See first this floor plan:

Here Ruby starts at row 11. That is you will see Tony perfectly just 25 meters or so in front of you and no watching the video screen (that you have to do further back in the room).
And since Ruby is just 2 rows you don't have to arrive early in the morning to queue for a good seat "within" your section. As usual you will only get a ticket for your section and a 2 rows section is just ideal, just arrive 20 min before the program starts - usually we suggest being there 2 hours prior to start! (For the large sections the difference can be 80-90 metres difference epending how early you queue up.)

Call or email if you need clarification on this perfect offer.

We are only allowed to offer this for a short period of time. As usual prices rise closer to the event for remaining sections.

Pay via bank transfer or Paypal.

Get ready for change!

at TimeForTony

PS Ruby price elsewhere is as you can google from 1300 Euro each.