måndag 6 december 2010

Premiums for 1080 Euro

December special with Premium section (see below) at UPW for 1080 Euro.

I will also add the Tony Robbins book "Notes from a friend" that will be sent out to you when purchasing.

Get in touch today for the best deal for UPW 2011!


fredag 24 september 2010

Decision equals destiny (part 3)

Decision - the greatest power to change anything in yourlife

Decide what to focus. What you focus on, you will feel.

Decide what it means. What do your situations mean? Is it the end or the beginning? The meaning will make you feel differently.

Decide what to focus on. Are you gonna find the solution? Are you gonna exhaoust every possibility? There is the ability to do choose and commit to get a result. There is the ability to do the right thing, to execute. And thirdly there is grace - or luck. If you do the right thing over an over again with the total focus you tend to have furtune.

What will you do exactly one year from now? Decide to go to Unleash the Power Within to experience Tony Robbins live at row 6 in September 2011!


torsdag 23 september 2010

Economical modelling video second part

Modelling the experts in the field. This video is about making money during depression and learning the seasons of everything. The prime role model here is Sir Johm Templeton www.sirjohntempleton.org

'Beliefs control our decision, decision controls our actions and actions controls or life.'

The book about spending patterns mentioned is Great Boom Ahead by Harry S. Dent Jr ( Amazon ).


måndag 20 september 2010

New Robbins video to invest in yourself part 1

- How do succeed in any field?
- Take a successful man to dinner!

About modelling and how to compress decades of experience and knowledge into days.

Next chapter above.

Own you breakthrough at Unleash the Power Within in Rimini/Italy 2011! Contact me for the perfect deal.


söndag 19 september 2010

Breakthrough episode 3-6

Tony Robbins tv-show where he sets himself up to lead couples and people in crisis to a breakthrough in 30 days. The show was called 'Breakthrough with Tony Robbins' and started in July this year (2010) but due to less viewers than expected it was postponed after two episodes. The final four episodes of season one have now for some time been available online. I'm happy to publish an overview of the major steps to all the 'breakthroughs':

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins 3
Juaquin and Kim Hawkins
1 change your environment
2 Confront your real issues
3 Embrace your strength
4 Change your perspective
5 Let go of the past
6 Own your truth
7 Design a compelling future
8 Own your breakthrough

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins 4
Scott and Mandy Smith

1 Change your environment
2 Confront your real issues
3 Commit to change
4 Break the destructive patterns
5 Take control of your own life
6 Embrace the good fear
7 Design a compelling future
8 Own your breakthrough

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins 5
Rick and Melissa Lawson

1 Change your environment
2 Confront your real issues
3 Break the destructive patterns
4 Commit to change
5 Clean up your own mess
6 Own your breakthrough

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins 6
John Rodriguez

1 Change your environment
2 Confront your real issues
3 Commit to change
4 Break the destructive patterns
5 Design a compelling future
6 Own your breakthrough

Future posts will give more indepth info.

All the best


torsdag 5 augusti 2010

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins – episode two

Hi, the second episode, just before it was cancelled, we meet a couple who have had the american dream (with house, great cars, kids etc). They are after the financial crisis pennyless nad the bank is about to take their house away. He forces her to get a job and she wants to leave him.

Robbins sees that they have not a 'couple' anymore and a big part of this is because they have not been unified through the stressful times. He sees in their hostile arguments the two keys for
ruining a relationship:
- critisism
- contempt

In this episode that is not as good as the first Robbins want to start with a change in belief. If you can do something that you didnät think you could do, then this opens the door to start doing other things that you didn't think you could do. And this is combined with putting them in a more stressful situation then they usually are, but this time physical stress through an airplane ride. One way of get yourself stronger is through more intense stress. Really intense physic al stress takes the edge of every day stress. 'That's the way to deal with fear – deal with it right away'.

'Underneath it all there is this deep deep love, hidden by fear. And when you get people to do things that you once thought were difficult or impossible it makes a shift in your head.'. 'So when you going through hell keep going'.

A lesson learned for the couple and also for us watching is to know your real priorities – maybe the family – and to really appreciate what you have. A man of the homeless shelter they have spent a week summarized beautifully: 'Treating ”somebody” that they are really ”somebody” that is often worth more than any kind of wealth'.

The steps in this episode were:
1 Change your environment
2 Confront your real issues
3 Expand your limits
4 Change your perspective
5 Own the lesson (don't just understand it intellectually in your head)
6 Design a compelling future
7 Own your breakthrough

That's all from this series for a while, since, as you might read in my earlier post, the rest of the season is cancelled and will be sent later on a different channel/network. I have enjoyed Breakthrough and I hope it will be back soon.


onsdag 4 augusti 2010

Breakthrough cancelled!


dispite great reviews of first episode the 'Breakthrough with Tony Robbins' has been cancelled. The second episode aired last tuesday, but with 3 million viewers it was not considered enough so NBC will replace is.

Tony let us know on twitter ( http://twitter.com/tonyrobbins ) that the remaining episodes will be aired on a different network at a later time.

Too bad, I really liked the first episode. It's about transformation and showing that transformation is possible. And also it's good to get the inspiration to see how Tony's work, that we listen to on cd:s and learn at 'Unleash the Power within', really can be applied in real life and that it works.

I'll keep you updated. If you want a breakthrough yourself, Tony has another UPW in Europe in september 2011. Long time but good opportunity for a garbain on travels a great hotel.



lördag 31 juli 2010

Breakthrough episode 1

Hi, I had the chance to see the first episode of 'Breakthrough with Tony Robbins'. Touching as always when it comes to Tony, and this time he solves the relationship problems of a couple in the extreme situation where the groom becoming paralysed on his wedding day.

Tony Robbins works a lot here on the relationship and some things can be recognized from the extraordinary "Ultimate Relationship" dvd series (see clips in older posts).

The key steps of the process to the 'breakthrough' where in this episode:
1. Rewrite your story
2. Confront your real issues
3. Discover your inner strength
4. Redefine what is possible
5. Exceed you expectations
6. Change your belief system
7. Own your breakthrough

all executed in a brilliant fashion by Tony.

Looking forward to the rest of the series!


torsdag 29 juli 2010

Tony Robbins on Jay Leno

Tony Robbins has just had the premiere on his tv-show 'Breakthrough with Tony Robbins' when he in every episode takes on someone who needs a change in their life or wants to achieve certain goals. To promote he visted the Jay Leno 23 July. Watch the clip:

And here is the trailer:

måndag 5 juli 2010

Next Europe Unleash the Power Within 23-26 Sept 2011 in Rimini, Italy


Hi again.
More on the news of another UPW with Anthony Robbins.

There were just brilliant transformational energies as usual at the latest UPW in Rome last month. For you who missed there is a new chance next year. This time in September 23rd-26th in Rimini, Italy. For location and travel check out this post.

As usual it's a four days event of Tony Robbins' energy and inspiration.

Tickets are just confirmed and we are proud to again be able to offer what we think is the best section to a fair price. Premium section row 6-15 in the center of the stage and row 1-15 on the sides. All brilliant for the best Tony Robbins experience.

Launch price in July Euro 1295. Regular price from other distributors 1900 Euro. Take the chance to make this the perfect deal and book hotel and flight already now.

More info coming up

Live with passion



Rimini, Italy - next Unleash the Power Within 23-26 Sept 2011


Dear Robbins-fans,

another Unleash the Power Within is now scheduled. Again Italy but this time Rimini on the east coast. So were is that exactly? Check out this map. Rimini is at the 'A'.

Rimini has an airport, you can also go from Venize/Venedig were trains are just 3 hours to Rimini. For budget airlines Pisa (Ryanair to/from Sweden) is about 4 hours by train away. Rome and Milano has also great train connection to Rimini.

More info soon,


tisdag 25 maj 2010

Dickens process celebration

This day, the 26th, in exactly one month Unleash the Power Within reaches it's third day and that day is in my opinion the most powerful day of transformation there is in personal development...

...the third day of UPW is the day of the Dickens process! Because of the amount of energy it creates, the garbage it eliminates and all the creativity and passion it unleashes it just blows away everything else.

The third day also offers an extraordinary journey into your past and clearing blockages and undelt matter there. If it would have a name it would be:
"It's never too late to have a perfect childhood!" The emotions and release this offers is beyond compare. Tony here guides us back in time with help of his unique mixture of his own work with NLP, meditation and everything else.

So what about the Dickens process? It is a process based on Charles Dickens' "A Christmas carol" ("En julsaga" in swedish) with the gready Scrooge and the ghost - you know the story. Through Tony's totally tranformational technique you will go through a similar process with a just ecstatic and heart-opening result. Through all the tears, anger and release that is needed for you to "Step up" and step into the you of full potential.

Time to get on the boat, it's time for Tony, get in touch for this outstanding offer! Row 6 Premium tickets for €1300/€1350.

Janne Spetz

PS Totally safe purchase. We have sold tickets for the last couple of UPWs to Tony fans all over Europe

torsdag 13 maj 2010

Last tickets for Premium section at UPW

And Premium section this year starts at row 6. This pricing is still the unbelievable €1395 - discount when buying more than one - for the whole Unleash the Power Within - these sell for €1900 elsewhere.

Take the opportunity for real breakthrough in your life, 24-27 June in beautiful Rome.

Updates for the other sections:
Deluxe €1360
Comfort €1290
Executive €1180

Some words of inspiration:

Get in touch for availability, pricing, accomodation or just to share you thoughts!

torsdag 6 maj 2010

More Premiums €1395 or less for row 6 at UPW

Hi, due to cancellation I have again some Premium tickets to the same excellent pricing as before €1395. Discounts when buying two or more. Expecting these to sell quickly - get back to me for availability and pricing. Get ready for transformation and a huge step up with Tony Robbins at UPW in June.

This unique price on Premium is the same as the best you will find for the section behind (Deluxe).


--> If interested to share accomodation at the UPW event, contact me and I will connect you with others.

måndag 26 april 2010

Time to take action for Row 6 / Premium section tickets

The 'friends' Premium tickets for €1395 are sold out. Some Premiums are still available for a few more days. E-mail me with number of tickets you need and I will reply shortly with availability and price. After this sell focus will be on Deluxe section and further back (starting at €1395) and left-over Premiums (likely €1900).

Don't miss out UPW on row 6 in Premium section!. Act now


fredag 16 april 2010

UPW warm-up

TED www.ted.com has a lot of great clips for developement and inspiration. This is a good one with Tony Robbins, with some funny moments with Al Gore.

The video he's talking about in the end is from Anthony Robbins and Cloe Madanes: 'Negotiating Conflict - Leadership in Times of Crisis'

Worth knowing as that there is a TEDx, local subgroups arranging events in the spirit of TED (letting creative people spreading inspiration and ideas). Eg in Stockholm www.tedxstockholm.com is a group for this.

All the best /Janne


onsdag 24 mars 2010

Ticket update

Spring Equinox at last - time for sun and transformation!

Deluxe section is selling out. The italian/american organizer tends to rise the price for the last tickets in a section and the price to the left is not accurate anymore. Please email me or call for availability and the day's price.

Of the Premium section tickets are two left for €1395 (here we're not dependent of the organizer since the section is officially booked out) and we are keeping our original 'friends' price - we started of getting these for our friends since the pricing and seats around row 6 is unbeatable. Note that general price for these amongst sellers who have them left is €1900. If you need three tickets I can get you one more Premium for €1545.

There are still tickets for Confort and Executive sections.

Note that you buy a ticket for a section, not a specific seat, so when you arrive at the event hall you just take the best available seat within your section. This means that if you are there in time you easily can sit on row 6 with a premium ticket - and if you are late you find a place at row 12 or so and that is still great.

Don't hesitate to contact me. I was at the september UPW in the same location and knows almost everything about UPW, travels and hotels for it. Robbins organizer can tell you the rest, also confirm ticket authenticity.



torsdag 4 mars 2010

Time to unleash + Tony turns 50

Hello passion-beings,

first of all, let's send out a big congratulations to Tony Robbins since he has turned 50 years of age! Appearently his programs seems to work since he makes quite a youthful impression. One of the major corner stones to it all is his live seminars and of course 'Unleash the Power Within'.

Luckily for us in Europe 'Unleash the Power Within' with Tony Robbins is coming closer and is actually happening 24-27 June in Rome, Italy. And speaking of coming closer to Tony - there are only 2 tickets left for the section covering row 6 to 15 (so called Premium section). And this IS the place to be. The organizer is sold and occasionally sells out cancelled Premium ticket for €1700-1900 but I will stick to €1395 also for these final two.

Here is a video clip from UPW in Rome last September. As you see it occasionally becomes like a rock concert where people just crowd around the stage, dancing and high-fiving Tony. For most of time though we are at our seats and in the Premium case this means around row 6-7 (if you are there fairly in time to queue up) and there is kind of no need crowd up since you're already in the front. You will sit - and jump and dance - in the most dense energies of the room.

Live with passion


You will always get ticket authentification from Tony Robbins organization before purchase


tisdag 9 februari 2010

Alla hjärtans dag och biljettuppdatering

Premium-sektionen kommer på Unleash the Power Within i juni börja redan på rad 6. Unikt tillfälle att ta del av Tony Robbins på bara några meters avstånd till en rimlig penning. (Begränsat antal biljetter i denna officiellt utsålda sektion Premium rad 6-15)

Alla hjärtan dag närmar sig och Tony och Sage har några skräddarsydda videor för denna relationshögtid. Kolla in dem: första, andra och tredje.

Må så gott