tisdag 25 augusti 2009

UPW in one month today

Hi, one month to go today before we are all standing, jumping and celebrating at the first day of Unleach the Power Within in Rome. 25-28 of September that is. To start this countdown I want to give you a special €100 off Deluxe seat tickets - they have never been this cheap! So only for 24 hours.

Here is a new interesting clip with Tony were he talks about the reinforcing cirle, either upward or downward, through the steps:
- Belief of potential, in other words the certainty that my action will give great result ->
-> What and how much action you take ->
-> Action determines the result ->
-> and closing the circle when the result reinforces the belief and self esteem to ->
-> and we're back to were we started.

part 1

part 2

Daily practice and daily routines are keys to turn this circle the way you want it. See for instance 'The hour of power' in Tony's programs. This involves both mental and physical training. One great way of balansing both is yoga, check out www.jannespetz.se for classes in Stockholm.

Have a great month preparing for change! Vi ses


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  1. Enligt en del coacher så blir man lycklig av att sänka sina förväntningar. Enligt Tony ska man ha de högsta förväntningarna. Kanske inte alltid lycka och success går hand i hand?