torsdag 4 mars 2010

Time to unleash + Tony turns 50

Hello passion-beings,

first of all, let's send out a big congratulations to Tony Robbins since he has turned 50 years of age! Appearently his programs seems to work since he makes quite a youthful impression. One of the major corner stones to it all is his live seminars and of course 'Unleash the Power Within'.

Luckily for us in Europe 'Unleash the Power Within' with Tony Robbins is coming closer and is actually happening 24-27 June in Rome, Italy. And speaking of coming closer to Tony - there are only 2 tickets left for the section covering row 6 to 15 (so called Premium section). And this IS the place to be. The organizer is sold and occasionally sells out cancelled Premium ticket for €1700-1900 but I will stick to €1395 also for these final two.

Here is a video clip from UPW in Rome last September. As you see it occasionally becomes like a rock concert where people just crowd around the stage, dancing and high-fiving Tony. For most of time though we are at our seats and in the Premium case this means around row 6-7 (if you are there fairly in time to queue up) and there is kind of no need crowd up since you're already in the front. You will sit - and jump and dance - in the most dense energies of the room.

Live with passion


You will always get ticket authentification from Tony Robbins organization before purchase


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