tisdag 25 maj 2010

Dickens process celebration

This day, the 26th, in exactly one month Unleash the Power Within reaches it's third day and that day is in my opinion the most powerful day of transformation there is in personal development...

...the third day of UPW is the day of the Dickens process! Because of the amount of energy it creates, the garbage it eliminates and all the creativity and passion it unleashes it just blows away everything else.

The third day also offers an extraordinary journey into your past and clearing blockages and undelt matter there. If it would have a name it would be:
"It's never too late to have a perfect childhood!" The emotions and release this offers is beyond compare. Tony here guides us back in time with help of his unique mixture of his own work with NLP, meditation and everything else.

So what about the Dickens process? It is a process based on Charles Dickens' "A Christmas carol" ("En julsaga" in swedish) with the gready Scrooge and the ghost - you know the story. Through Tony's totally tranformational technique you will go through a similar process with a just ecstatic and heart-opening result. Through all the tears, anger and release that is needed for you to "Step up" and step into the you of full potential.

Time to get on the boat, it's time for Tony, get in touch for this outstanding offer! Row 6 Premium tickets for €1300/€1350.

Janne Spetz

PS Totally safe purchase. We have sold tickets for the last couple of UPWs to Tony fans all over Europe

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