måndag 5 juli 2010

Next Europe Unleash the Power Within 23-26 Sept 2011 in Rimini, Italy


Hi again.
More on the news of another UPW with Anthony Robbins.

There were just brilliant transformational energies as usual at the latest UPW in Rome last month. For you who missed there is a new chance next year. This time in September 23rd-26th in Rimini, Italy. For location and travel check out this post.

As usual it's a four days event of Tony Robbins' energy and inspiration.

Tickets are just confirmed and we are proud to again be able to offer what we think is the best section to a fair price. Premium section row 6-15 in the center of the stage and row 1-15 on the sides. All brilliant for the best Tony Robbins experience.

Launch price in July Euro 1295. Regular price from other distributors 1900 Euro. Take the chance to make this the perfect deal and book hotel and flight already now.

More info coming up

Live with passion



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