torsdag 5 augusti 2010

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins – episode two

Hi, the second episode, just before it was cancelled, we meet a couple who have had the american dream (with house, great cars, kids etc). They are after the financial crisis pennyless nad the bank is about to take their house away. He forces her to get a job and she wants to leave him.

Robbins sees that they have not a 'couple' anymore and a big part of this is because they have not been unified through the stressful times. He sees in their hostile arguments the two keys for
ruining a relationship:
- critisism
- contempt

In this episode that is not as good as the first Robbins want to start with a change in belief. If you can do something that you didnät think you could do, then this opens the door to start doing other things that you didn't think you could do. And this is combined with putting them in a more stressful situation then they usually are, but this time physical stress through an airplane ride. One way of get yourself stronger is through more intense stress. Really intense physic al stress takes the edge of every day stress. 'That's the way to deal with fear – deal with it right away'.

'Underneath it all there is this deep deep love, hidden by fear. And when you get people to do things that you once thought were difficult or impossible it makes a shift in your head.'. 'So when you going through hell keep going'.

A lesson learned for the couple and also for us watching is to know your real priorities – maybe the family – and to really appreciate what you have. A man of the homeless shelter they have spent a week summarized beautifully: 'Treating ”somebody” that they are really ”somebody” that is often worth more than any kind of wealth'.

The steps in this episode were:
1 Change your environment
2 Confront your real issues
3 Expand your limits
4 Change your perspective
5 Own the lesson (don't just understand it intellectually in your head)
6 Design a compelling future
7 Own your breakthrough

That's all from this series for a while, since, as you might read in my earlier post, the rest of the season is cancelled and will be sent later on a different channel/network. I have enjoyed Breakthrough and I hope it will be back soon.


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