fredag 24 september 2010

Decision equals destiny (part 3)

Decision - the greatest power to change anything in yourlife

Decide what to focus. What you focus on, you will feel.

Decide what it means. What do your situations mean? Is it the end or the beginning? The meaning will make you feel differently.

Decide what to focus on. Are you gonna find the solution? Are you gonna exhaoust every possibility? There is the ability to do choose and commit to get a result. There is the ability to do the right thing, to execute. And thirdly there is grace - or luck. If you do the right thing over an over again with the total focus you tend to have furtune.

What will you do exactly one year from now? Decide to go to Unleash the Power Within to experience Tony Robbins live at row 6 in September 2011!


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