lördag 10 september 2011

Premium ticket UPW - last call...

Dear all,

UPW is happening in just a couple of weeks. We are happy to offer our last cancellation return tickets for unbeatable 1295 Euro still.

All remaining tickets will soon be collected centrally and sold at the start of the event. Premiun tickets will then cost 1900 Euro...

I hope you who you who have desided not to go have been able to secure your path of transformation and growth in other ways. And for you who already have a ticket I hope it's premium section since why watch the big TV screen from 100 metres away? And for you still not desided - the Premiums are here to get still - definately the best seats in the room.

Premium price right now 1295 Euro - last ones to go. Get in touch soon otherwise you will land two sections behind for the same money.

Happy UPW journey everyone!


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