onsdag 28 mars 2012

The two kinds of feedback to TimeforTony

UPW and coming closer and there is a different vibe around it now. It is somehow more real, we are counting weeks instead of months. The excitement is increasing by the day.

After an event such as UPW we usually get two kinds of comments from the people we’ve been in touch with beforehand. The ones who got our limited ‘Great seat to a great price’ come back to thank us for really making the UPW experience the best for them through seats close to the stage. They thank us for (quote) caring (end quote) and making sure they got the great ticket – even though some say we could have talked them into something further back or to higher price, since they know nothing of the size, prize and energy of the event.

The other comment is from people gotten their ticket elsewhere, maybe to save hundred euro or so or to sit where their friends are sitting, and ended up in the back of the hall. They say: why couldn’t you be more persuasive, why are you so… humble…? of course knowing afterwards that their seating wasn’t that good after all, and having made the sometimes long journey and travel investments to get there.
Well that sums us up pretty. We are distributing tickets as if it was to our friends. We are modest, we keep fair prices. We are fair in informing about UPW. The feedback we get from you dear customers is a drive for us making this year after year.

We are down to the very last few of the limited Ruby section. We still of course gladly sell you tickets to the other sections.

Still final Rubys for 895 Euro...

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