fredag 11 september 2009

Last call for UPW!! Deluxes €1080

To make a last minute offer I can also pass over to you a reservation at That is one of the hotels recommended at the official Medwestern UPW-site. It's a double/twin room for the €120 for 2 persons per night incl breakfast buffée (not just continental toast and instant coffee). The UPW event has also arranged with shuttle but to and from (for some extra cost).

So tickets and hotels are just as good as can be, no need - or time - to hesitate! Get in touch asap!

The organizer, an american-italian co-labouration, will early next week sum up all un-registered tickets and the italian part of the organization will distribute these. They will aim for last-minute business people and the prices will go up, in particular for the extremely now limited middle-room tickets. At best Executive in far end of the room will sell for €1100.

So last days to decide and last days to get Deluxe tickets, row 21-30, for €1080 - just for a few more days. And of course the middle of the room have so much better energies than sitting in the back watching the video screens.

Please check around this deal just cannot be beaten - for the maybe last UPW in Europe!

See you in Rome!

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