torsdag 3 september 2009

September special - deluxe tickets €1080

Hi, I've just been on the phone with Medwestern summing up the ticket sales for UPW - that starts in less than three weeks. For all you people still not sure whether to go or not I have the excellent news that all remaining tickets for UPW is €1080 each. That means that the few brilliant tickets in the middle of room in Deluxe section and the ticket in Executive in the back all are €1080. A small reduction for Executive but a never before seen deal on the Deluxe. That means great seating on row 20-30, these are tickets that have sold for 50% more - don't tell you the person sitting next to you at the event.

Get in touch to check availabiblity, just a last few left.

Get ready for a life transforming event!


00 46 707 64 45 30
facebook: Janne Spetz

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