måndag 21 september 2009

UPW preparation

Joseph last night gave a preparation call for UPW. He gave a few tips what to think of when coming there:
- Be ready to have some fun
- Be serious and willing to changing you life
- Be teachable
- Be willing to do the work

And before going really look at yourself and write down the answer to these questions:
- Who am I now?
- Who do you wish to become
- What am I going there to get

That's a good start to get the steam up for Friday. Reviewing the telephone meeting my opinion about Joseph is that he gets a little bit too little said in the time he gets. Of course he is in a good mood and that is inspiring and he speaks fast but there is very little substance in most of it. I am not sure why Robbins pick him as his #1 sidekick.

It will be so great to get to Rome in a few days and get going with UPW. I have started warming up with the Ultimate realtionship program.

See you down there!


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